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Transporting The Future

Introducing the H-450 BAT 

The H-450 BAT is an infrastructure agnostic aircraft that solves shipping and logistics problems. With a 3000-pound lift capacity, the aircraft is capable of carrying a heavier payload than its competitors in the same size bracket (packages, vehicles, perishables, and military equipment), for on time “HUB to HUB” delivery. 

With a takeoff speed of 45 mph and a cruising speed of 100 mph, the H-450 BAT is not a speed demon!

Its carbon fiber construction, eco-technology, and short wingspan are designed to take off in shorter distances at optimal high lift. It's stable in various flight conditions, making it great for suburban and rural flights. The wing design allows the aircraft to glide and fly at low speeds with greater  maneuverability.

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The H-450 Solution for Today’s evolving Transportation Needs

The military purpose is to carry ammunition and other supplies into hostile areas at low altitude, avoiding radar. With a low heat signature, it has a greater capacity to avoid surface-to-air missile detection. Being unmanned, multiple missions can be flown simultaneously with no risk to the war fighter.

The civilian purpose of the plane is next to last mile cargo distribution from city to city, city to suburbs and city to rural areas in a timely fashion and more efficient than the ways parcel companies currently operate.

The fire and rescue purpose is to put flame retardant on bush fires at low altitudes without the risk of a pilot flying too close in low visibility and harsh conditions. By landing in small feels, the fire crews can replenish its flame retardant and ready it for its next suppressive strike in a short period of time.

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Currently, delivery trucks can add up to eight hours in the package delivery chain. The trucks go to regional airport hub's and pick up the arriving packages to deliver them to a distribution hub. Once at a distribution hub, they are set aside for the destination to suburbia and rural areas. This process takes hours.

The H-450 picks up the container for the ZIP Code it is serving and flies directly to its suburban or rural destination. This eliminates touch points and time spent in traffic. Cutting the package delivery time by more than half.

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 UPS Atlanta Airport Hub to               

 UPS Regional Hub

Raleigh to Clayton NC

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Unmanned, the H-450 BAT can fly from point to point with minimal human interaction. With one screen, an operator can manipulate multiple aircraft.

Interchangeable Batteries

With hot-swappable batteries, turnaround time for the H-450 BAT is less than 30 minutes from landing to takeoff.

Interchangeable Shipping Containers

With shipping containers that can be moved from larger aircraft to the H-450 BAT's fuselage, there is no need to re-organize packages destined for smaller hubs.

Regenerative Prop Engines

Once in the air, the H-450 BAT converts its rear engines propellers from contributing to regenerative, recharging its batteries in flight.

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